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Welcomes Collective Beauty: A Personalized Salon and Spa Experience

Are you looking for a personalized salon experience that offers all of your favorite beautifying treatments under one roof and at affordable rates? Look no further and book your next hair appointment, facial, massage or aesthetic treatment at TD Beauty Secrets salon- conveniently located in Glenn Dale, Maryland 20769.

The owners of TD Beauty Secrets salon, Sheri Ikerd and Madelyn Heffelmire, opened their exquisite salon/spa just last month and are already earning the reputation for being the premier salon and spa in the area. Collective Beauty redefines the salon/spa experience and offers its clients a first-class line of professional and specialized services.

The Collective Beauty Difference

This mother-daughter duo has developed a unique business model offering its 10-plus employees flex scheduling, which makes it possible for the salon/spa to be open seven days a week, unlike many of its competitors.

Collective Beauty’s professionally trained and certified stylists and aestheticians use only the highest quality and most trusted products in the industry, such as Redken, Pureology, Jan Marini, Xeomin and Versa Plus products.

Ikerd, a Hamilton County native and Fishers resident, is a nurse practitioner with 5 years of experience. She understands the importance of providing a welcoming and comfortable environment as well as building a trusting relationship with one’s aesthetician.

TD Beauty is one of only a few locations in the area that offers the types of injections that they do.

“We’ve had great results, and our clients are very excited about the products that we’re using,” Ikerd said. “The product that we use is softer and more malleable, so once it’s placed, you can adjust it to make sure that it’s the look that you’re wanting. I’ve used it and noticed it’s just a subtle change and not a drastic look but one that accentuates a more youthful and refreshed appearance. I like Versa Plus because it has a numbing medication included in it, so the only uncomfortable part is the needle poke itself, and that’s it.”

The stylists and aestheticians at TD Beauty salon 20769 work on a level system, based on their experience, specialties and demand of time, to determine their pricing.

A Truly One-Stop Salon/Spa for Everyone

With the opening of Collective Beauty, one doesn’t have to juggle scheduling hair appointments, facials, massages, waxing and other rejuvenating treatments between different locations all over town.

“We thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could go to one place for all of these services that’s local?” Ikerd said. “It [TD Beauty] started out as this little idea, and now it’s turning into this amazing business that we’re really excited about.”

Heffelmire, who handles the marketing and business development, shared her thoughts on what differentiates Collective Beauty from other salons and spas.

“One thing that I think sets us apart, besides being commission instead of booth rent, is we’re not a salon/spa where we have 10 chairs in a line with 8 treatment rooms,” Heffelmire said. “We have four treatment rooms and four hair stations. We are not cramped and full of stations. When you come in, you are that stylist’s or aesthetician’s only focus. This environment creates a much more personal experience, in addition to the staff who play a big role in that. We each have our own unique personalities and specialties, and we truly have something here for any demographic and age group. We want everybody who comes to our salon/spa to feel like it’s a personal experience and that they are special.”

As they continue to hire on additional stylists and aestheticians, Ikerd stressed the importance of hiring the “right” people to ensure they are compatible with Ikerd and Heffelmire’s standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

“We put everybody through three grueling interviews prior to hiring anyone,” Ikerd admitted. “We want to make sure we all get along and that they are genuinely high-quality people who lift others up and make others feel good so that our clients want to come in and can’t wait to come back for the kind of experience that we offer.”

A Place to Let Your Hair Down

A true labor of love, Ikerd transformed her 100-year building that was once a home into the elegant and inviting salon/spa that it is today. With its classy yet comfortable decor, the salon/spa is spacious and beautifully appointed without being pretentious. It simply exudes relaxation the moment you step in the door.

“We wanted the environment to be welcoming and comfortable, and we’ve chosen furnishings and accessories that we like and find unique things,” Ikerd said. “It’s all come together so nicely.

The treatment rooms upstairs are equally as impressive and allow the client to take a hard pause in his/her day to enjoy a hot stone therapeutic massage or injections in a quiet and welcoming place of respite rather than a “clinical” environment.

The Collective Beauty Menu

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